Step-by-step installation instruction for the EA Pip Scalper expert advisor for MetaTrader. You have to purchase the product in order to be able to download it.

This guide is updated to reflect the filename changes in version 1.3.0 from Dec 7, 2020. See release notes.

Download & Unzip

  1. Login with your account at TRADOMART.COM;
  2. Navigate to Downloads & Licenses;
  3. Find your purchased item and click on the download link;
  4. Locate the downloaded archive file and extract its contents. You can use default Windows Zip, 7-zip, WinRAR or any other achieving tools that you may have already installed. You should find .ex4 and .ex5 files for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms respectively.

Copy the EA to MetaTrader

  1. In MetaTrader select File -> Open Data Folder. This should open the data folder of your MetaTrader installation.
  2. Go MQL4 (for MetaTrader 4) or MQL5 (for MetaTrader 5) direcotrty and then go to Experts directory.
  3. Copy the corresponding expert advisor file into this directory. Use the EAPipScalperMT4-v1.3.0.ex4 for MetaTrader 4 and EAPipScalperMT5-v1.3.0.ex5 for MetaTrader 5. The Lite version files are EAPipScalperMT4-v1.3.0Lite.ex4 for MetaTrader 4 and EAPipScalperMT5-v1.3.0Lite.ex5 for MetaTrader 5.
  4. In MetaTrader got to the Navigator. Right click on the Expert Advisors sub-tree and select Refresh. Expand the Expert Advisors tree and look for the EAPipScalper.

License Key Activation Settings

Please, make sure you make the following settings.

  1. In MetaTrader go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors;
  2. Check the Allow WebRequest for listed URL checkbox; and
  3. Add to the list below the checkbox.

Please, refer to our License Verification Troubleshooting guide if you have license related issues.