Ultimate Pip Scalper v2 has been released.

The latest version is available for download from the Downloads & Licenses section.

v2 Release Notes

Expose internal paramters and strategy

Strategy is fully documented with all the mathematical calculations described in details on the product page, see Ultimate Pip Scalper.

Use POINTS for all input parameters

All input parameters and internal calculations are now done in Points for better compatibility with the modern assets available for trading on the MetaTrader platform.

Advanced trading hours

Added settings for controlling trading hours for each day of the week.

Add MaxOpenTrades and OpenCooldownSeconds

Allow the EA to open multiple positions with controllable minimal time between each open order.

Silent periodic re-authentication

Automatically store the license key and periodically re-validate it even if the TM_LicenseKey field is empty.

Additional log messages

Added additional adn more descriptive log messages in the Experts and Journal tabs.

Updated lot size calculation for campatibility

Updated lot size calculation for compatibility with the modern assets available in the MetaTrader platform.

Demo builds

Fully functional demo builds available, limited to demo accounts only.

Updated license agreement

See Ultimate Pip Scalper License Agreement