Here at TRADOMART.COM, we have an online license verification process implemented for our products in order to protect ourselves from unauthorized distribution and/or re-selling of our products. While it is also important to keep our user experience smooth, that is not always possible when such validations are in place and the communication between the customers' MetaTrader platform and our licensing server gets blocked.

Here are some of the main error codes reported by customers when it comes to licensing verification.

Error HTTP(-1): 4060 and HTTP(-1): 4014

The exact error message is displayed below:

Error 4060

This error means that the WebRequest functionality is not enabled and/or our licensing server is not added to the allowed URLs list. In order to do so, execute the following:

  1. In MetaTrader 4/5 go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors;
  2. Check the Allow WebRequest for listed URL checkbox;
  3. Add to the list below the checkbox; and
  4. Save those settings and restart the MetaTrader platform.

Verify that your settings look like the image below:

Expert Advisors Options

Successfully executing those steps should result in immediate resolution of the problem related to this error code


The exact error message is displayed below:

Error 86

This error means that communication between your MetaTrader and our licensing server is working, but you are entering/pasting invalid license key. The license key should be pasted in the TM_LicenseKey field as displayed below:

Note that many MetaTrader 4 customer paste the key in the wrong field. Please, double check and ensure that you are pasting the key inside the TM_LicenseKey field.

Error HTTP(-1): 5020 and HTTP(1004): 5203

The exact error message is displayed below:

Error 5200

Those errors appear when communication between the MetaTrader terminal and our licensing server has been blocked by firewall or other security software. Make sure that no anti-virus or firewalls software on your computer or network is not blocking the requests to our licensing server. We have recent reports for Windows Firewall blocking this communication. Disable your protection software, restart the MetaTrader platform and try again.

Using MetaTrader 4 on Mac

Most of the MetaTrader 4 builds for Mac are custom broker builds where WebRequest functionality is disabled intentionally by the broker or the build is not complete and does not include that functionality. Our licensing will not work on such custom and incomplete builds of the MetaTrader platform.

If you think you have such a platform provided by your broker, please contact them and request to use your accounts with a complete official MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 build.