Ultimate Pip Scalper v2.1 has been released.

The latest version is available for download from the Downloads & Licenses section.

v2.1 Release Notes

Add MM_RiskMarginMode parameter

Controls the maximum margin to use when calculating the volume for a new trade. The available options are:

All Available
Will use all available margin if needed. Not recommended with high MM_RiskPercentage.
All Stop Out Level
Will use all the margin up to the stop out level.
Call Level
Will use all the margin up to the stop out level.

While most of the time this setting will not affect the position sizing, it can be used as an additional protection for traders who use high risk percentage, high concurent trades or use the EA on multiple charts.

Add MM_MarginCurrencyRate

Currency rate to use with CFDs when the margin currency of the asset is different than the account currency.

Chart Indications

We added some chart objects that will help traders identify wether the EA is correctly loaded and the auto trading is enabled. Also, some intermidiate calculation values are displayed (in order):

  • price to Sig1_MA1 distance
  • price to Sig1_MA2 distance
  • Sig1_MA1 to Sig1_MA2 distance
  • Sig2_MA1 to Sig2_MA2 distance
  • Sig1_MA3 to Sig1_MA4 distance
  • price to Sig3_Value distance
  • Sig4_Value
  • price to Sig5_UT distance
  • price to Sig5_LT distance