EA Pip Scalper v1.2.0 has been released.

The latest version is available for download from the Downloads & Licenses section.

v1.2.0 Release Notes

Add Lite Version

Added a Lite version of the EA with a reduced amount of input parameters in order to provide a faster and easier way for beginner traders to start using the EA more efficiently. However, the same algorithms are in place and identical results should be expected.

Update Default Values

Disabled the Strat*_Sig2 open strategies in order to provide even safer default settings.

Improved Journal Logs and Alerts

Added more descriptive and detailed messages in logs and alerts.

Fix Automatic MagicNumber in MetaTrader 5

Fix the Automatic MagicNumber functionality not working correctly in some MetaTrader 5 installations.

v1.2.0 Known Issues

Assets Names With Suffixes

There are several reports from traders where the EA is unable to open and/or modify trades when the broker is using non-standard asset names with suffixes, eg. EURUSDc or EURUSDp.


We identified an issue with metals where the EA cannot open trades with some brokers. This is a priority issue and a special update for GOLD is in development and should be released by Nov 30, 2020.