EA Pip Scalper v1.1.0 has been released.

The latest version is available for download from the Downloads & Licenses section.

v1.1.0 Release Notes

Automatic MagicNumber Feature

Added a new input variable Magic_Number_Auto with default value true. When set to true it will activate the new automatic generation of unique MagicNumber values. The algorithm will always assign a unique MagicNumber for each asset. It will also retain the MagicNumber values assigned after the platform restarts. Note that it will assign unique magic numbers per asset and not per timeframe. If you still need different MagicNumber values per timeframe, you can disable the new feature and manage the MagicNumber values manually as before.

Renamed the MagicNumber input to Magic_Number due to related technical reasons.

License Verification Improvement

In order to mitigate a known bug in the MetaTrader 5 platform where the WebRequest functionality gets randomly blocked for unknown reasons, we introduced local license tokens. Tokens are saved locally after successful remote license verification and are used for faster EA activation. Tokens are account bound and expire after a certain amount of time. So, if you are using a new account or haven't performed remote license verification recently, you will go through that procedure. Anyway, all that is automated and does not require additional user actions.

Patched a license verification security issue where accounts from specific brokers were unable to activate.

Remove G_Licensing Input (MetaTrader 4)

Many customers were pasting the license key in this field instead. We decided to remove this grouping field for a better user experience.

Update Error Alerts and Error Message

Reformated the alert messages and log messages to include the proper expert name and version strings.

Updated Experts Fielname

Renamed expert files to EAPipScalperMT4-v1.1.0.ex4 and EAPipScalperMT5-v1.1.0.ex5 for easyer identification.

Fix Version String

An updated version string to the x.x.x format.

v1.1.0 Known Issues

Assets Names With Suffixes

There are several reports from traders where the EA is unable to open and/or modify trades when the broker is using non-standard asset names with suffixes, eg. EURUSDc or EURUSDp.


We identified an issue with metals where the EA cannot open trades with some brokers. This is a priority issue and a special update for GOLD is in development and should be released by Nov 30, 2020.

Automatic MagicNumber Feature

Does not work correctly in some cases in MetaTrader 5.